Adding your profile

  • First thing is to fork the website repository
  • Clone the fork on your local machine. Let us assume the directory you have cloned is named base_dir
  • Next is to install hugo for local development. You can find instructions at this page. You may skip this page if you are not looking to have a local version, this will just not let you preview how you changes would look on the website.
  • Now go to the base_dir using the shell of you r choice on your local computer.
    Use Shell
    Mac OS Sheel after cloning the repo.
  • To add a new user run the following command hugo new content/authors/firstname-lastname . Remember to change first and last names as the name you want for yourself (surely you can be Swapnil and want to be known as Samir/Seth that can be benefecial :P )
  • This will create a new folder firstname-lastname inside content/authors/
  • Now you can open the whole folder in a text editor of your choice and navigate to the file content/authors/firstname-lastname/
  • Please fill in the details in this file as per your requirement. most of the stuff is self explanatory. In case of any issues raise a concern on zulip
  • Only thing to know is that in area with user_groups the allowed values are:
    • Principal Investigators
    • Researchers
    • Grad Students
    • Administration
    • Visitors
    • Alumni
  • Delete avatar.jpg in your folder and replace with a file with pic you want to be displayed. Remember you need to have the name of the file as avatar.jpg/avatar.png.
  • This is how it look on vscode for reference
    Text Editor View
    VSCODE view of the repo and added new folder.
  • Now go back to terminal and to the base_dir and run hugo serve
    Hugo Serve View
    View of the terminal after running hugo serve.
  • This will display you changes on a localhost as informed on the terminal. Open that local host to see your changes
    Changed website
    Your changes on the local host.
  • If you are happy then press ctrl+c to stop
  • Now delete the the public directory. The command for unix systems is rm -rf public
  • Commit your changes and push it to your fork
  • Now submit a PR to the MLGH repository when happy
  • If you want to add other content than authors you can have a more detailed look at Wowchemy Documentation for Hugo themes. Nothing more sophisticated than adding appropriate markdown files.